Eff Body Hate : A 10-Day Body Positivity Instagram Challenge

If you follow me on instagram you know how avid I’ve been this year about promoting body positivity and self love. I truly believe life should be about embracing things as they come and learning to love it, your body included! I have struggled with my self image for a long time and while I still have goals to get healthier, I have also been learning to accept that it’s OK for me to still love my body as it is. I can love my body through it’s journey, it’s ups and downs, and in every stage whether it’s good or bad. And more than that, I SHOULD love my body through all of those stages.

Why is Body Positivity the focus of this challenge?

Body positivity is not something that can just be switched on. It’s a learning process, a relationship that needs to be built. There are good days and bad days, the key is to start somewhere. Start with trying to get rid of negative thoughts about your image. Start by focusing on the things you DO like. Tell yourself every day that you’re beautiful. As you actively make an effort to have a love-relationship with your body, that relationship will grow and so will your self-love and confidence.

I’ve had experience so many times proving that the hardest part of completing a task is STARTING, so I decided to come up with an instagram challenge to stop hating our bodies and start loving them. I’m calling it, Eff Body Hate, because truly, that’s what I want to accomplish. Screw everything that tells you that you should hate your body. That body hate does nobody any good, especially you. Stop believing things that make you feel bad about your body and start focusing on the positive. Let’s start loving our bodies!

Why an Instagram Challenge?

Why not? Instagram is a very visual platform where we’re bombarded with images every day that have been photoshopped and adjusted to perfection. Eff that. It’s not real. I am a fan of beautiful photos and I love to play with filters, but it’s also important to be authentic. Instagram is a platform that allows us to engage with others, life them up, and spread awareness. Plus… I don’t know about you but I have a hard time finishing challenges sometimes, so if I post for all of my followers then I’ve got people that are watching me to help me stay accountable and complete the challenge!

The whole purpose of the challenge is to take yourself on a 10-day journey of really focusing on YOU. You deserve to be loved and most importantly, to love yourself. Of course, you can always post on a different platform or even just do it for yourself in your diary, but I encourage everyone that has even had the slightest thought about body insecurity to give it a try.

How does it work?

How this instagram challenge works is that you post a photo and caption each day on instagram for 10 days following the prompts for each day. My dream is to have people really try to embrace the prompts as positive inspiration for banning self-body hate and that over the course of ten days, it will start to become a habit to focus on body positivity. Maybe it’ll only be me that participates, but anyone is welcome to do it at anytime! Make sure to use #effbodyhate on your post (and tag me! @heysunnyjess) and I’ll repost to my stories and share!

You can save either of the below images to work on your social media channels, one is sized for stories and one is sized for a normal square post. I am starting this challenge TODAY, so if you’re interested to see how it goes, make sure to tune in on instagram because I’ll also be posting tons of body positivity inspiration in my stories and on my blog- everything from favorite body positive influencers to follow to great self-love tips, quotes, and body positive themed blog posts. 🙂 You can also check out my body positivity board on Pinterest!

Now let’s go start loving our bodies!! I can’t wait to share with everyone!

XXOO Sunny