Gift Guides, Gift Guides, Gift Guides!! Eee! I love gift guide season, and I’ve had so much fun seeing what all of my blogger friends have suggested.

You know what the most frustrating thing to me is about gift guides though? There are so many of them out there that have the same crap on them- and it’s all a bunch of crap people don’t even use. SO! This year, I decided to make my own gift guide, a list of gift ideas for all the women in your life with gifts that are INTENTIONAL and that they’re sure to love. 

Without further ado, here is a list of gift ideas for women in your life (hey mama, sissy, bestie, etc.!) in a variety of price ranges. I hope it helps you with your holiday shopping! (and get a little somethin’ somethin’ for yourself too, because girl, you freakin’ deserve it!)

This photo is from the exact listing on Paper Crush Co.’s website, but I just got my own and can’t wait to hang it up and take pictures!

Print from Paper Crush Co. 

How effing cute is this?? Every girl needs a sassy bad-assy print in her house, get one that resonates with her personality from Paper Crush Co.! 


If you know a fresh-flower lover (my hand is raised here!) then this is the ultimate gift! BloomsyBox is a creative and unique fresh flower SUBSCRIPTION service!! Yep, the gift that keeps on giving! You can choose how often you want the flowers sent, and they have gorgeous flowers delivered! Queue the heart eyes! These are the holiday flowers they sent me this month and I’ve been SWOONING, they last so long and look so beautiful in my home!

Be sure to use the discount code INFDE19 when you check out with your BloomsyBox order to get 5% off!

Shine Lipgloss

Shine Cosmetics is one of my best discoveries this year, seriously they have TRANSFORMED my makeup life!! Their products are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and cruelty free, and they have SO many products for any makeup lover out there! I’m obsessed with their Liplast because it’s like lipstick that stays allll day without drying out your lips. But for a gift, you truly can’t go wrong with a great gloss! My current favorite that I’m wearing daily is the color GRIT.

Plus, you can get 10% off your order with the code SunnyJess10

Portable photo printer for phone photos 

This is totally top of my list this year (hint hint, Tony…) because I think it’s so important to have printed photos! One of my current goals is to be more thoughtful with my journalling, and I can’t wait to be able to include photos from my phone that I can print off right then and paste in. There are a ton of options, but personally I’m really loving this one from kodak, this one from polaroid, this one from Fujifilm (on sale right now!), and this one from HP.

Photo from Anthropologie

Blanket throw from Anthropologie 

Ok, these are a little pricey for what I’d normally pay for a blanket, but I also think it’s ok to give a gift to someone that is a little more luxurious that they’d never buy for themselves, am I right? And Anthropologie throw blankets are just too gorgeous and offer so many varieties, guaranteed you’ll find a style they love! Here is my personal favorite!

Mio microdermabrasion tool

I got lucky enough to get one of these from Spa Sciences and it has totally rocked my WORLD. It gets all of the gunk out of your skin so it feels like you just went to the spa to get a facial, but you do it yourself from home! The Spa Sciences tool is really inexpensive and worth every single penny, and you can find them at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and Kohls!

Anthropologie beanies

Not really willing to spend money on a throw but still want to keep your loved one warm? GET A BEANIE! These beanies with a giant pom on them have my heart. Again, totally something on my wishlist this year personally because they’re just so cute and cozy looking! Plus, at around $8 they’re much more cost effective than the blankets, heehee.

A new outfit (or giftcard!) from Sweet Sassy Molassy

You know how I feel about badass boss women businesses all ready… and Sweet Sassy Molassy is about as BOSS as they come! They have a variety of clothes in different styles and are size inclusive, I guarantee you’ll find something you love! Every girl loves a new outfit, right? Plus they are selling beanies and bath bombs, talk about hte perfect stalking stuffer gifts! I’ve worked with them for a large part of this year and I am always amazed at their products and business.

You can use code HEYSUNNYJESS to get 15% off your first order, so buy a gift and stalk up something fun for yourself, too! 

PS, if you want to see some of my SS Molassy outfits, you can check out all of the blog posts I’ve done showing off my outfits here!

Healthish Water Bottle

Possibly one of my favorite concepts I’ve seen in a long time is this bottle, right here! You know those ultra healthy people that know everything about being healthy and do all the right things? Yeah… that’s not me. I really struggle trying to be healthy, but bissshhh I’m trying! This waterbottle is a beautiful frosted plastic and has the times stamped on the bottle, so you know how much water to drink by when. On one side you have the morning, then when you refill you flip to the other side to see teh afternoon, helping you manage and track your water intake.

If you’ve got a girl in your life that is trying to be healthier, this is an awesome gift to support that goal!

Volcano Candle

Ok I know what you’re thinking, candles are one of those things on every wish list that I said I hated at the beginning of this post, but hear me out! This candle is not just ANY candle. It’s THE candle. It smells unbelievable without being too strong, and it comes in a variety of beautiful jars to accent any kind of decor. Trust me, this one is a winner. Find it here!

Kitty Meow Boutique

Looking for something a little smaller that still gets major heart eyes?? Get a witty card from Kitty Meow Boutique! Cat creates some of the most bomb cards I’ve ever seen, and they’re always really beautiful and witty. She also launched som really fun enamel pins that would be cute to add to your gift!

Raw Stone Jewelry

Because nothing is more beautiful in my eyes than raw stones ahhhhhhh! There are a ton of places to find these, but my favorites are a few small businesses that make very high quality pieces at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Little Sycamore, Raw by Olivia Mar, or Indigo Row. I have seen pieces from all three of these businesses in person, and recommend any of them for their quality and the uniqueness of the design. 

A new book

For the girls out there that love to read, love self-help, or love audio books- this is a perfect inexpensive, yet thoughtful gift idea. Need some recommendations? Here are a couple of my favorites from some writers I know and love!

Confessions From Your Fat Friend by Paige Fieldsted is my newest read and is beautiful written for women to empower them in a way that is both fun and thought provoking. I’ve gotten to know the author a bit through instagram and she is such a heartfelt, genuine, incredible person that I admire!

Daughters by Greg Hanks– I know, I know, if you folow me on Instagram, you’ve heard about this one quite a bit. The author was a friend of mine growing up so I expected to like it, but I felt totally shattered by how much I ended up loving it. For the sci-fi novel lovers out there, this one is a truly unique story and I promise, they’ll love this one.

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero– Another one that will always be on my recommend list – it’s just the perfect book to get you pumped about being yourself and living your life!

Relax and Breath Box Subscription

If you want something a little more unique, this is definitely the gift you want to get! It’s a subscription box servbice that comes jam packed with fun items that help you to relax, de-stress, and calm down. This would be such a great gift for whoever you’re buying for to help them unwind! You can find the Relax and Breath Box and more information about subscription options here.

Essential oil diffuser

If you’ve been on the internet at all (my guess is you probably have, ha!) You know that essential oils right now are all the rage! And for good reason- they’re pretty awesome! If you know someone that would love to get started with essential oils, or maybe has some already, get them a cute little diffuser that they can put on a desk or countertop. I found this one on Amazon for really inexpensive!

Class or an E-Course

Do you know a blogger? Small business owner? Maybe someone that just wants to learn a skill? Give them the gift of knowledge! I know that sounds cheesy, but sometimes online courses and classes can be an expense people won’t spend on themselves, even though they really want to take the course or learn the skill.

You could gift a membership to something like Skillshare, where there is a full library of any kind of course you can think of available. Or if you know what courses they’re looking for, you could get them one they’ve got their eye on!

If you know someone interested in learning Pinterest marketing- I even have my own course about growing your business and blog using Pinterest, and maybe I’m biased but I think it’d be a pretty great gift… just sayin’.

I took this screenshot of their site with some of their current designs, but they have new designs come in like crazy! Shop them all on their site!

Nena & Co. bag

I’ve been oggling a Nena & Co. bag for some time now, they are such a perfect blend of natural and boho- and I absolutely love their company mission to support the women who hand-make their bags! It’s truly an incredible company and they produce the most beautiful bags. I promise you, it’ll be their favorite gift of the season!

Skincare fridge

I’ll be totally honest when I first saw this I thought… well that’s bougie… hahaha and now I totally want one! This little fridge keeps your skincare products chilled to the perfect tempreature, helping them last longer and feel cool on your fce. I love the face masks from Lush that have to be refrigerated, and it feels so good to put cool face products on your skin- so I had to include it! This one is cute and pink, and much more cost effective than some of the others I’ve seen.

I hope this holiday list helps you with some of your holiday shopping and that you have the most merry season yet! Happy Shopping!

XX Sunny