So many little girls love to have long hair or love the idea of long hair, but as a mom I now it is no easy task to keep that hair maintained! Kids play hard, get dirty, sweat (a lot!), and find all sorts of random ways they can tangle their hair. Especially with long hair, tangles are a curse and tend to come with lots of tears at brushing time. And with long hair, you need a magic trick just a little stronger than detangler spray to keep up! Here are some tips for caring for your little one’s long hair, pain-free for both little and mama!

Use a separate conditioner

Kid’s shampoo tends to all be some kind of 2-in-1 combo but with long, thick hair you just need something a little stronger. For my daughter, I use her normal shampoo and then I use a secondary conditioner. The one we love is by Aussie and they have one that’s made for kids hair.

Let the condition sit for 3 full minutes!

This step can’t be forgotten. I can’t tell you how much easier it is to slide the brush through my daughter’s hair when we’ve let the conditioner sit for a few minutes. Since she is little it can be hard, I usually put the conditioner in and clip her hair to the top of her head with a clip and try to play a game to distract her through the time.

Use a wetbrush

I’m a fan of the regular Conair brushes for this. Don’t use a plastic comb. If your child has exceptionally curly hair, a pick would work as well.

Put hair up before bed

We always braid my daughter’s hair before she goes to bed so that when she wakes up in the morning the tangles from sleeping are minimal. She is the kind of child that twirls her hair subconsciously, especially when she is tired or sleeping, and that makes for some big tangles. Putting hair into a braid or pulling it up and clipping it will keep it out of the way for less damage and less tangles.

Brush at least twice a day

This might seem like a no-brainer, but brush it when you fix it in the morning and then brush it through again before bed. It keeps the tangles down which is our main goal!

Pull it back during activities

Longer hair is more dangerous, it just is. The risk for getting it caught in or on something is much higher, and when kids are playing or doing art crafts their hair is more likely to drag through the paint or get caught in the swing, or whatever the situation might be. I was letting my daughter help me cook (very, very supervised) the other day and thought about how having her hair down could be a fire hazard even. The point I’m making is that when your child is participating in an activity where their hair might be in the way or get harmed, keep an elastic ready and waiting for them to pull it back.

These are all the tips I found to be most helpful with my own daughter and her long hair! I hope this list is helpful, and if you’re interested in seeing more hairstyles for girls be sure to subscribe to my blog and follow me on insta! 

XXOO Sunny