I’m just going to cut right to the chase and throw out that even though I love the summer, I have hated dressing for it for years. It’s hot, which means sweat. Short sleeves and tank tops mean my chubby arms are showing. Cellulite on those thighs? Let’s show it off in shorts. Dresses and skirts make the perfect recipe for chubby thigh rub that is both painful and ugly.

No. No. No.

Here’s the thing, summer has some of the CUTEST fashion out there which can be hard to venture out and try when you don’t feel confident. Girl, it’s time to change that. Every single person is beautiful, our bodies are beautiful, and we should be celebrating our beauty. Fashion is such a great way to do celebrate both your body and your artistic style, don’t shy away because you feel uncomfortable with how you look.

Instead of shying away from cute summer styles, let’s talk about some ways to feel comfortable and beautiful in your clothes so you can face this summer in confidence!

Wear clothes that actually fit you.

Stop wearing those oversized shirts or squeezing into the daisy dukes that are just two sizes too small. Buy clothes that actually fit your body, it’s amazing how much more flattering your shape looks when you’re wearing clothes that fit.

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Buy something NEW!

This kind of goes hand in hand with the last one, but wearing something that is new and you feel good in makes a WORLD of difference. Literally, you can see it physically! For example, I have a set of photos taken a couple years apart. In one photo, I was gaining weight, and of course continued to gain after. In the other photo a few years later, I was losing weight. I was the exact same weight in both photos, but in the photo wear I am losing weight I had bought some new clothes and wasn’t trying to hide myself the way I was in the first photo and it seriously made me look 15 pounds thinner. Just by dressing in something that actually fit and that I obviously felt confident in!

If you’re looking for somewhere to start shopping- you NEED to check out Sweet Sassy Molassy. They have TONS of different styles and so many cute things for summer! I’m wearing all SS Molassy pieces in these photos! (PS If you use code HEYSUNNYJESS at checkout, you’ll save 15% on your order!)

Try out a tanning lotion

I always feel more confident with a tan, especially if my legs are showing. Go buy yourself some natural glow tanning lotion or a spray tan. I love how a good fake tan can really diminish the appearance of imperfections in the skin, and it definitely helps me feel confident.

Stop comparing yourself to other people

You are not them, and they are not you. When you can stop comparing and start celebrating the things you love about your body, your whole world will change. I promise you.

Get a Casual Shirt Dress

I have yet to meet a single person that this dress wouldn’t look good on. There are a lot of different styles out there to choose from, and I personally love how they are both casual and cool. It’s seriously perfect for those hot summer days! Mine is from SS Molassy and they have some seriously cute options here and here!

Wear colors that you love or that flatter you

The colors you wear are so important because they can compliment your natural beauty and give you a literal glow. I love this soft blue shirt here because I feel like it brings out the color of my eyes and makes my skin look glowy without washing me out.

Go for something BOLD

It might be a little nerve-wracking to go for something bold and totally different than your usually style, but sometimes pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone is exactly what you need to boost your confidence and feel amazing! It’s like a little boost of adrenaline for your self-esteem, and you might be surprised how well you like your new style.

Like I mentioned a few times, all of my looks in this post are from SS Molassy! I just freaking love them. If you purchase anything, make sure to use code HEYSUNNYJESS at checkout for a discount!

XXOO Sunny