Plus size swimsuits have always held a kind of sour note in my mind when I think about it… and for that reason I have not gotten a new swim suit in 7 years. SEVEN!

How many opportunities did I pass up because I was too embarrassed to wear a suit? How much fun did I miss out on because I was too ashamed, hiding under an old suit or in a coverup hoping nobody would notice me or glance my direction. And when they did… oh, the horror and shame! 

Don’t Live in Fear or Shame!!

What a horrible, depressing way to live! Now, like a responsible person I’ve denied that my weight was the problem and instead blamed my gigantic boobs as the problem, and used that as the excuse not to buy or wear a swimsuit. Swimsuits just aren’t made for boobs the size of planets. So that was my excuse to hide. 

But it was just that… an excuse. I knew it then and openly admit it now.

My excuse got up and walked right out the door when I had breast reduction surgery this year, so I knew that this was the year I needed to buckle down and get a new swimsuit. 

Finding the Perfect Plus Size Swimsuit

Without a question, the most IMPORTANT thing about buying a swimsuit (no matter what size) is that you find one that fits well. Especially with plus size swimsuits, you need to find one that you feel fits your body well. Trust me, it’s worth investing a little bit more money and finding one that fits your shape, that you feel comfortable in.

To me, the first step to confidence is being feeling comfortable in what I’m wearing! Luckily, I have found a few that I’m completely obsessed with! Below are my two favorites, then I’ve listed some other really cute ones I’ve found online at the end of this post!

Saint Somebody Plus Size Swimsuits

I feel so lucky and excited to the point of giddiness, because Saint Somebody Swimwear reached out and offered to send me a suit to try! Saint Somebody is an amazing company founded in Australia by a woman on a mission to serve other women that don’t fall into the “normal” size category. Saint Somebody plus size swimsuits are for all of those in-betweeny and plus sizes, running from size US size 8 to 16 (or AU 12-20). All of their suits are made in Bali.

Did I mention that with every purchase, the company uses part of those funds to giving back to the world?? They are partnered with B1G1, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping a variety of causes around the globe. How incredible is that? 

Coco Reef Plus Size Swimsuits

plus size swimsuit

Let me tell you something that is a complete game changer for plus size girls. Three words.

Cup. Sized. Swimsuits.

Boom. Your life is about to change! Coco Reef has a variety of straight sized and plus size swimsuits that are have options for both lined and cup sized suits. Plus size swimsuits have always been hard for me because my boobs were SO big, that just a lining wouldn’t support them.

Since having breast reduction surgery, this isn’t so much of an issue for me anymore, but there is nothing better than having a swimsuit that fits your curves exactly! Coco Reef offers swimwear in cupsizes up through an F cup!

Talk about inclusivity!

Finding Confidence to Wear that Plus Size Swimsuit for the First Time

Girl, it’s time to push the insecurities aside and strut in that new suit like the goddess you are! Here are a couple of quick tips to help:

  • Put on your cute new suit
  • Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself you look gorgeous
  • Find somewhere fun to wear your swimsuit and go! It’s great to distract yourself with the fun memories you’re making instead of focusing on the negatives, so find that fun place and go!
  • Make yourself feel pretty, whether that’s shaving your legs, doing a fake tan, pulling your hair up, or none of the above! Whatever makes YOU feel good, do it. It’s always helpful to have that little extra boost when you’re about to do something that makes you feel vulnerable, like rocking a swimsuit.
  • Every single time a negative thought pops in, distract yourself or say something positive about your body, and believe it!
  • Just get out there and do it. The first time might be hard, but the more you do it, the more comfortable and confident you’ll feel. I promise!!
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen!!!

So a couple weeks ago I found my fun place. This is a place I have been looking forward to going to for YEARS. The perfect opportunity to let my fear of being in a plus size swimsuit go and just enjoy my time! We decided to go out camping in Monroe, Utah- and yes, it’s as remote as it sounds. It’s literally 3 hours into the middle of freakin’ nowhere and there’s like nothing around for MILES. My eyes totally got sunburned while driving (sans sunglasses, because I’m an idiot). 

So why did we choose this place?? Because of MYSTIC HOT SPRINGS. 

OMG were these hot springs incredible!! Seriously, what an experience! Completely worth the drive, and the perfect opportunity to bust down those old insecurites and squeeze myself into my pretty new suit!

On the drive down, we stopped and took a drive up Nebo Scenic Loop and played in the water we found there. It was a nice break for the kids to get out of the car, and that’s where I wore my Coco Reef Swimsuit!

Once we got to the campsite I wore my Saint Somebody swimsuit because the teal color was SO pretty with that orange rock in the Utah desert! I knew I wanted to take pictures, because pictures are an amazing way to capture memories. They are proof that you were there, living, seeing, and experiencing.

Which leads me to my final tip…. TAKE PICTURES.

Seriously, just forget the insecurities, stop hiding, and force yourself to show up and take the photo. Seeing yourself fas part of the group, remembering yourself in the experience – It’s SO important for feeling confident! You look beautiful, girl, you deserve to be in the photo!

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Here are some of the other photos we took while on our little weekend getaway!

Some other places that have awesome plus size swim suits include Macys- I especially love THIS ONE . I love Dress Lilly, THESE RAINBOW bottoms are under $15 and so cute! Torrid and Old Navy also have super cute plus size suits, and of course, I’m always drooling over the selection at Nordstrom!

XXOO Sunny