As a small business owner, blogger, influencer, or whatever you are, there’s no doubt that investing in YOURSELF is the number one, best decision you can make!

I know, I know… It can be hard when you’re busy, juggling schedules of kids and your day job, trying to build connections for your brand, and did we mention remembering things like drinking enough water? Did you engage enough on instagram yet? Are you going to have enough money for bills this month? Is dinner burning in the oven????

Girl… I’m here. I get you. I see you. THIS IS MY LIFE. 

And because I’ve been right there, I know how hard it is to take time away from the whirlwind of life to focus on our own personal growth and invest in ourselves. But if we’re ever going to get OUT of the whirlwind and take control of our business and build our dreams, it’s 10000% necessary, so I want to share with you some really easy ways to start investing in yourself that you can start doing now, without dropping all of the other balls you’re juggling in your life!

First up, let’s talk education! 

Education is one of the most important steps you can take to really grow your business, because it’s going to help you understand the decisions you make and help you navigate those choices strategically! 

There are a ton of resources out there RIGHT NOW that are easy to access online (so feel free to pop some popcorn and stay in your sweatpants while you learn!) One that I became aware of lately is Lady Boss Bloggers, which is a site started by Elaine Rau to help educate aspiring new bloggers and influencers. There are tons of free resources, articles, courses, and blog posts available!

I also had the opportunity to take one of the Lady Boss Blogger courses, How to Make Money as an Influencer. I want to state very clearly that this post is sponsored by Lady Boss Bloggers, but all opinions are my own and I don’t promote products that I don’t believe in. Period.

And I’ll be totally honest, up front I was very skeptical because I hate when courses cost money and you never really know if the material they give you is going to be worth the value. I was worried I would invest my time and energy going through a course that wasn’t valuable or had information I’d already seen everywhere else, but after running through the course I’m SO GLAD I chose to give it a try! 

I’ve taken a lot of courses over the years (I even created my own course about Pinterest, as many of you know!), and the amount of educational value packed into a course is one of the most important things to look for.

If you’re interested in learning how to make money as an influencer, this course has just about everything you need. It dives deep into details about how to build your online brand and voice, and includes a TON of real life examples and real-world application, which for someone like me is super helpful. I feel like it had my creative juices going the whole time!

One of the hard things about educating yourself is not knowing what it is that you need to learn! 

Sure, you might know what you want your business to look like, but WHAT do you need to learn so you can get there? The amazing thing about Elaine’s course I mentioned is that it breaks down everything very simply, there’s never any confusion about what the next step is or what you need to learn next.

The course clearly lays out what you need to start, how to build your brand as a creator on instagram, how the money-earning process works, and what you need to do to earn money yourself. It’s all step by step. 

If you’re interested in the e-course I took from Elaine, How to Make Money as an Influencer, you can use the code: JESSICASOLIS to get 40% off the price!! Click the link here to check it out!

The second thing that it is imperative you invest in yourself, is TIME. 

And wow, can this be a difficult one to accomplish! I know you’ve got a million things on your schedule, balancing work and family life, trying to find moments of quiet for even just a second of self care. Let me tell you, investing time in yourself IS self care. 

Girl, you need to take care of you! Sometimes, investing time into yourself means giving yourself permission to rest. Sometimes, investing time into yourself means that you’re putting the hours in to work on projects that will help your business grow.

Taking the time to build your email funnels, curate content for instagram, and pitch to brands to earn money are all perfect examples of that! Another amazing way to invest time into yourself is to take an ecourse to improve your knowledge and help you build a strategy so you can work smarter instead of harder. 

Another really cool resource that I found that’s FREE from Lady Boss Bloggers is this 5-day course on how to make money using affiliate marketing. It’s totally free, so the only investment you make is your TIME, and girl, you’re worth it! Gift that time to yourself!

If you’re trying to build your dream, you need to invest money into yourself. 

I’m a frugal person with a family, so I’ll be the first to admit that spending money on anything for myself or my dreams can feel “selfish,” but girl, if you’re serious about building that business to support yourself and your family, it’s the furthest thing from selfish! You NEED to invest in yourself! 

You can start small, investing in your online presence with a website and some tools that will help you build your brand. Something that I’ve learned since taking the Lady Boss Blogger’s course is that it’s important to invest in your own education and tools to be successful.

In the How to Make Money as an Influencer course I mentioned, Elaine walks you through the best resources to find and use that are free, and she makes some excellent recommendations for paid tools that are going to seriously uplevel your business and help you grow as an influencer. She helps you to understand exactly where it’s important to spend your dollars so you make the best investment for yourself.

Again, if you want to check out the full course for yourself you can take 40% off the price with code: JESSICASOLIS and you can find that link here

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I hope this is helpful in convincing you that girl, it’s time you invest in yourself! There are a lot of ways to do it, you just have to start! 

**Thank you again to Lady Boss Bloggers for sponsoring this post! You babes have created a kickass product!**

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