Every year I celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday like the stalwart, dedicated fan that I am, and this year I’m celebrating by sharing all of my favorite Harry Potter baby gear! I mean if you are having a baby do you have any choice but to deck them out in Harry Potter stuff? If you think otherwise then friend, you’re in the wrong place. Move along. For the rest of you magical babes, here is my list of the best Harry Potter baby gear you can find!

Adorable Snuggle This Muggle set. I got mine originally from Ili and Adi but I know they’ve been on leave so below is the link to the same one on Amazon.

Find it HERE.

How cute is this Marauder’s Map teether and cloth from LuLu and Louise Baby?

Lulu and Louise Baby on Etsy. Find it HERE.

Kind of thinking I want to get one of these for both of my girls! Birth Stats Collage from ANewDay on Etsy

A New Day on Etsy. Find it HERE.

Milestone blankets are all the rage, so your little muggle needs this one from QL Shops! They have a few different styles if this one doesn’t suit your needs, I also love the this cute one HERE.

Amazon: QL Shops. Find it HERE.

Have you guys seen the new Harry Potter line of kids stuff at Target??? I’m dying. My daughter looks like she’s going to Hogwarts this year because I basically bought her whole wardrobe there. No biggie… but they have these adorable onesies and other cute things for babies!

Target. Find it HERE.

I have a low-key obsession with this Marauder’s Map crib bedding from Lola’s Lovies Etsy shop….

Lola’s Lovies on Etsy. Find it HERE.

Hedwig is one of my favorite characters in the whole book, yes, I know she’s not an actual “character” but her symbolism is just so special to me! Every baby needs a Hedwig…

Aurora Plush on Amazon. Find it HERE.

Are you REALLY a Harry Potter fan if you don’t have a themed mobile above your baby’s crib?? I mean COME ON, tell me this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve seen?! And the seller has a lot of other variations of this if you prefer a different color (say pink for a girl?)

d.l.g. Nursery Boutique on Etsy. Find it HERE.

This hat is hilarious, and comes in several colors. You need it.

BeeGeeTees. Find it HERE.

I can’t handle the cuteness of this next baby set either. You can find me in my actual grave right now because I’m dead. I love it so much.

Boog and Squeak on Etsy. Find it HERE.

I’m a big believer in having art in the home and especially in the bedroom, and the nursery is no different! I could NOT choose a favorite, Etsy has SO many adorable Harry Potter art prints for a nursery. If you want to fall into a rabbit hole, well there you go Alice, just search Harry Potter Nursery art on Etsy and you’ll likely resurface sometime next week.

Here is the first one I fell in love with from My Porch Prints

Downloadable art from My Porch Prints on Etsy. Find it HERE.

And of course, this one from Ladybug Details is magical.

Ladybug Details on Etsy. Find it HERE.

These works of art from Proud Mom Prints are stunning. Add some brightness to your little one’s walls.

Proud Mom Prints on Etsy. Find it HERE.

I also really love this wall decal, and I think it’s a safe alternative to having frames above a baby’s bed if you are worried about things falling (is it just me that’s paranoid?) How cute is this though?

Super Vinyl Decal on Etsy. Find it HERE.

I’m sure I’ll get some comments asking about the bow my little EJ is wearing in the first photo on this post, and the answer is YES they have every color imaginable and some REALLY cute ones in the Hogwarts house colors! I guess technically they aren’t actual Harry Potter bows, but they are literally the cutest things on the planet and could compliment any Harry Potter outfit! This color is the rose gold, but they have any color and style you can think of from glitter to matte to leather to patterned. You definitely want to complete your little’s outfit with a bow from The Southern Blush! (P.S. I also did a review post on their company a little while back, if you want to know more you can find that HERE.)

The Southern Blush. Shop their store HERE.

I also recently discovered these adorable blocks in shopping for a friend’s baby, and I knew I had to include them because HELLO, SO CUTE.

Coffe Break Crafts on Etsy. Find it HERE.

I’ve never been one to use a baby book and I hate that about myself! Keeping a record is so important, and there is something especially special about a tangible item you can hold and feel, vs. notes on your phone. Don’t be me. Get this Harry Potter baby book.

Deemelle on Etsy. Find it HERE.

And finally, is this blanket not perfection?? I just need one in a grown up size for myself. I’m in love with it. They also have a few other Harry Potter themed blankets you should check out, I love the simplicity of this little lightning and glasses one HERE.

The Little Crow Shop on Etsy. Find it HERE.

Ultimately Etsy is my GO-TO for Harry Potter baby stuff because there are so many unique options and I love to shop small and support small businesses! Of course, I have a few other favorites that made this list, too. If you know of any more amazing Harry Potter baby items, let me know! I’d love to update this list as I find amazing items!

Happy Birthday, Harry!

XXOO Sunny