Tropical outfits are a popular theme when summer rolls around, but I feel like I’m extra obsessed this summer with tropical outfits! Since I have been trying to love my body more and be more adventurous with my clothes, I decided to try out some tropical outfits for my wardrobe that I found in Sweet Sassy Molassy’s shop! 

I mentioned before in this post on instagram that I have not been a dress wearer for years, because I just felt like everything was so ugly on me and unflattering, and it was uncomforatble. Well color me WRONG, because this is my THIRD dress from SS Molassy! My THIRD!!! From someone that has only owned 2 dresses for the last 10 years, believe me. This. Is. Huge. 

I chose this dress because I’m in love with the tropical frond print, but to be honest I totally want one in every other print EVERY because it is so comfy! It’s such a breathable fabric that is light for summer, and I love the way that it hangs on my curves without making me look like a big ass tent. For a curvy girl, this style of dress is a MUST. Sweet Sassy Molassy always has cute styles like this, so definitely go browse through their shop to see other patterns! 

This black and floral tropical print shirt is one that I saw during an SS Molassy live event and knew immediately that I wanted it. I’m in love with bright tropical print on black, it’s so eye-catching! 

Now this shirt may not necessarily be defined as a “tropical outfit” but to me, I feel ALL the pineapple vibes when I’m wearing it! I don’t usually wear yellow because it’s so loud and I generally dress like I live in the forest in a candy house waiting for fat children to pass by #witchstatus – so wearing something that doesn’t have any black and is a solid, bright color is totally new! This top is so bright and fun, and it’s lightweight and sooo soft. I don’t know what it is about SS Molassy, but like I mentioned in this post, their shirts are just BUTTER soft! This is the perfect shirt for a tropical vacation, a quick run to the snow shack, or to wear with some cute shorts! 

I’m loving all of the tropical pieces that are out right now! Make sure to check out the Sweet Sassy Molassy website to see how many cute items there are, and be sure to use code HEYSUNNYJESS at checkout for 15% off your first order! 

Here are some of my other favorite tropical pieces from Sweet Sassy Molassy right now!

This adorable romper!

Tell me how freaking cute this pineapple shirt is???

OMG this piece!!!

I really love the fringe detail on this kimono as well!

XXOO Sunny