I have never tried a collagen beauty product up to this point, but as I said in my instagram post the other day, if you spent your childhood collecting beanie babies, it’s probably time to start thinking about some anti-aging products for your skin!

A few months ago I started noticing that my skin was starting to not look very vibrant. I’m still young, but for the first time I realized my skin was starting to look, well, older than it had maybe? Funny how things work out though, because just a few weeks later Influenster came to the rescue and sent me the Algenist VoxBox!

I was so excited to try out the new Genius Sleeping Collagen because like I mentioned, it’s my first experience really trying out anything like this. I used it after my normal face washing routine so my skin was fresh, and put it on just before going to bed.

The first thing I noticed is that it feels like rubbing buttery velvet into your skin, it’s SO creamy and smooth! I’ve never used a lotion or hydration product quite like it. I also noticed that within just a couple of days of using the product, my skin was noticeable more bright and vibrant, and it seemed to have more bounce to it, if you know what I mean. It appears more naturally dewey and healthy looking.

I received this product as a sample to try out (all opinions are my own of course!), and I was truly blown away by how effective the product was in such a short time, and also by how much I liked to wear the product on my skin. It was smooth to blend in, not super greasy, and the smell is clean and simple and not overwhelming. You all KNOW how smells are a big deal for me. Like a BIG deal- I refuse to use a product that even slightly has a smell that I don’t like so I was really happy with this product.

I also received the Genius Liquid Collagen and started using that at the same time as the lotion, but only using every few days rather than daily. I really like how well it works with the new Genius Sleeping Collagen to make your skin feel and visibly appear more vibrant and fresh.

This is a product I definitely plan to purchase again once I run out of my sample, I’m officially hooked on Algenist! Have you ever tried a collagen beauty product before? Let me know your thoughts!

XXOO Sunny