Happy Valentine’s Day, my lovelies, from this colorful bus and I! We found this bus and I made Tony immediately pull over and take photos a few weeks ago (obviously pre-breast reduction surgery!) It has been a very, very long time since I’ve done a 13 randoms post, so since it’s Valentine’s Day I thought I’d make it an occasion, hehe!

1-I hate Valentine’s Day. I know, the horror at that statement! I love pink, I love hearts, I love all things glittery and sparkly- you’d think Valentine’s Day would be a shew-in for my favorite holiday, right? I just can’t stand how the holiday is basically a giant scam to earn money (note: this does not bother about other holidays, which I realize are also a scam for taking my money haha, it just bothers me on Valentine’s Day!) Plus it’s in February, which is cold and dreary and the longest month of the year (regardless of the actual number of days it has.) So there’s that. Every year I make an effort to treat myself though (see gift ideas for yourself here!) and I try to make it special for my kids with a little surprise and treat. Thankfully Tony is on the same anti-Valentine’s Day train so we usually make a mini-Thanksgiving dinner instead of going somewhere romantic.

2-Pigtails are really my jam lately. If you haven’t noticed.

3-Right now Emilia is in such a cute stage, I love the 1-2 year old phase! She is learning so much every day and I could die. Right now her favorite thing is to snuggle up on the couch, plopped right between my legs like they’re her armchair or something, and she’ll just sit there and snuggle. Talk about mom heaven.

4-I’m still really pissed that the blood moon a few weeks ago was covered by clouds where I was and so I couldn’t experience the greatness. I may have gone a little crazy with anger… and then Sydney threw up all over the floor and reminded me that I’m a mom and don’t get to have hobbies like looking at the moon outside because I’m destined to clean up barf. Good thing she’s freaking adorable.

5-My nipples look like Deadpool’s skin right now as they’re healing. I know you’re SUPER JEALOUS.

6-I can’t wait for Easter because EASTER CANDY RULES THE LAND. No other season can do candy justice like Easter can= those Reeses peanut butter eggs, Cadbury eggs and mini eggs, and coconut creme Dove chocolates are calling my name!

7-I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect skincare routine. I’ve never paid much attention to my skin or having a good skincare system, I’ve always just kind of washed my face with whatever and called it good. I’ve tried various products over the years but have never been consistent and somehow I managed, but my skin isn’t the same anymore and now I’m on a mission to figure out my skin and what it needs! Send your beauty recs my way so I can out ALL THE THINGS.

8-Last year towards the end of the year I started researching everything happening around my state for the following month and made lists of activities to do, and we had SO much fun! It was really nice to have a list of things to do, then we could just pick whatever we felt like going to and those were awesome fun-filled months. I’m definitely going to keep doing that!

9-I’m really digging the white nail polish trend this season.

10-We recently finished watching season 2 of The Punisher, and it was amazing. WAY better than the first season- I mean that one was good, but I didn’t think he did as good as he did during Daredevil season 2, so I wasn’t expecting much this time but OMG. So good. Jon Bernthal is crazy good.

11-I’m dying to go to the Alt Summit conference! It just looks like so much fun and I’m dying to meet all the amazing people that will be there, plus I’ve never been to Palm Springs! Too bad I had surgery this year (also I’m too poor this year if we’re being real, ha!) but it’s definitely something I want to go to in the future! Maybe next year? Who is with me?!

12-I’m obsessed with raw stone jewelry. I’ve always been in love with raw stones and rocks, I even grew up collecting rocks and I love my little collection. Right now I really love Little Sycamore and Raw by Olivia Mar, both companies have such amazing products. I’d love to learn to make my own someday, too!

13-I think I might need a chocolate chip cookie. Like… right now. Yep. I need it.

XXOO Sunny