Let’s talk about gym intimidation for a second shall we? Because for me (and a lot of other curvy/plus women out there I know!) it’s A REAL FREAKIN’ THING. 

And the majority of my intimidation comes from being uncomfortable in my clothes because I feel like they look frumpy or they’re super tight and uncomfortable when I’m moving around, and it feels like the entire gym has their eyes on my when I look like a giant potato in spandex. 

Truly, the heart of my gym intimidation stems from how I feel like I look when working out. I want to look like my gym fashion (it’s a thing, curvy girls!) is on point, and I want to feel COMFORTABLE in it so when I’m all sweaty and breathing heavy, the last thing on my mind is being self conscious about how my clothes fit. 

Plus size activewear that is actually cute AND functional can be kind of hard to come by, but recently I’ve discovered the Yoga Club which is a subscription based service (aren’t box subscriptions THEEE best?) delivering high end, super cute activewear for affordable prices- and THEY’RE SIZE INCLUSIVE! 

What? A company that sells cute plus size activewear ?? YES! 

The Yoga Club fitness subscription box is especially cool because it’s really unique to your style and preferences. When you create your account, you take a quick style quiz to give them an idea of what you like, and then in every box you get a full three-piece set! They have super cute things like yoga pants, sports bras, activewear tanks and shirts, and more. 

The inclusive sizes now range from XS to 3XL which is phenomenal, and every box has an outfit that promotes confidence, style, and comfort for your workouts. Confession: I’ve been wearing my pants to the store and running errands too…. So they’re amazing for feeling confident and comfortable whether you’re headed to the gym or not! 

If you want to try the Yoga Club box, you can get $20 your subscription FOR LIFE. (yes, really!) Just use code SUNNY20 at checkout. Be sure to check them out and take your style quiz! Boxes typically run about $79 per box, so with the $20 off your boxes are only $59 for a FULL 3-PIECE outfit made from high quality activewear brands! It’s a STEAL. And you can set how often you want your subscription service too, so if it doesn’t make sense to get a new outfit every month you can schedule to get one every few months!

Every woman deserves to feel confident at the gym and it’s time to KILL gym intimidation! Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident, something that motivates you to want to be a healthier version of yourself! Don’t forget to check out the Yoga Club box service here and get $20 off for life with code SUNNY20!

XXOO Sunny