If you’ve landed on this article, then I’m sure you know the challenges of finding cute plus size fall fashion. It’s hard to know what will fit, how it will look, what styles are flattering on your body, etc.! So if you’re looking for some fall fashion inspiration, I’ve got it for you! 

Buffalo plaid is IN

And this top from Sweet Sassy Molassy is so flattering on any body style! It’s long sleeve, comes down nice and long (which personally I love being plus size), and I feel like it gives a nice shape to the body. 

Graphic Tees 

Is there ever a time when graphic tees aren’t the answer?? I’m loving these ones for fall! Such a cute plus size fashion style! You can find the first one here and the wild and free one here.

Burnt orange and black

The perfect fall color combo, especially for October when we’re in full Halloween mode! Where I live the fall stays pretty warm for a while, so this tank top is perfect to transition from summer to fall with it’s perfect color white still being great for the heat. 

Knit sweater 

Perfect for when it starts cooling down. It’s such a great piece for plus size fall fashion but would make an excellent winter fashion piece too! This one is soft and so cozy! I love to wear it with either black or printed leggings. 

Camo Jeggings

Moto jeggings are IN, and personally I think they’re super flattering on plus size bodies because they kind of elude the eye into giving the leg some extra shape, so I love how they look! And camo is such a cute print right now, so they’re perfect for fall! These are actually jeggings too, so while they look like pants, they definitely feel more like comfy leggings. SCORE.


To me, accessories are the thing that turn outfit from “clothes I wear” to “fashion” haha. I don’t even know if that makes sense, but I feel like the accessories define your sense of style! Get this beautiful yellow lace headband (tons of colors if you don’t like yellow, and so cheap too!) and feel like a sunflower! 

Floral Dress

Ok there really isn’t a bad time for a floral dress, but I’m LOVING this style for fall with the long sleeves but shorter hem! So pretty! 

Now- I’m obsessed with Sweet Sassy Molassy and just about all of these pieces come from them, but you can definitely take these ideas and use them as a source of inspiration for your outfit!  I obviously really love SS Molassy so I’ve actually got a code for you, I know you’ll love them too! If you check out SS Molassy and decide to buy something (please let’s be twinners!) you can use code HEYSUNNYJESS for 15% off your first order

Happy dressing! 

XXOO Sunny