See this picture above? This was taken when I visited beautiful Paronella Park in Queensland on a really rainy day. Can you guess what this picture and my bathroom have in common right now?? That’s right, nothing makes my Thursday night happier than a nice, rainy day. Literally. In my bathroom.

I was relaxing on the couch, trying to enjoy the rare chance I have to actually lay here with nothing to do when Tony starts yelping from the bathroom. I jump up and rush in to find a glorious waterfall tumbling from the ceiling fan, right down onto the top of the toilet and splattering in all directions. As excited as I was to have water from unknown origin gushing through my ceiling, I became rather concerned about the fact that this water was from an unknown source. Ha. What an understatement. Nicely put, I straight up panicked.

I phoned the landlord and after some investigation (luckily by this point the gushing had slowed to a slight trickle and occasional drip) we discovered the source of the problem. Apparently the toilet in the unit above us had overflowed. That’s right folks. My bathroom was raining poopoo water.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but to me, this seems like an extremely serious design flaw! Just my luck though. Sadly enough, this is not the only run in with water problems we have had in the last several months. It started with our hallway carpet being soaked. Then our master bedroom closet was soaked. And a week later it was soaked again. Then the baby’s room flooded. And then our master bedroom closet, again. I guess the summer wouldn’t really have been complete without our home trying to beat us at the water fight. Well cheers to you too, Summer! And here is to Fall- the way cooler, way more awesome season that I just know won’t bring us any water problems the way you have! (fingers crossed. Hoping my optimism will bring me good Juju.)

Sigh. I mean, I guess my bathroom needed an excuse to get cleaned anyway- at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing it will get a completely thorough sanitizing this time instead of just the typical wipe down. Keep looking at the bright side, Sunny.