Stuffing these thunder thighs and that giant peach into spandex should be considered a workout in and of itself, but then walking around feeling like a stuffed sausage and trying to work out is an entirely different story.

Every girl loves leggings. If you don’t, you just haven’t had the right pair yet. But being a curvy or plus size girl has some serious issues with leggings because they tend to feel even more restricting, people tend to be more self-conscious or feel like they’re going to be body-shamed, the rips along the seams are serious concern, and don’t even plan on a squat unless you’re wearing cute underwear because just about guaranteed, everyone is gunna see it.

It’s a glam life. 😉 For real though, leggings are incredible and my favorite thing to wear- but it’s no secret that it is TOUGH to find a good pair of leggings.

I finally discovered a brand that all the bloggers and influencers I follow RAVE about. I’m still dying to try them, but when I went to check out I realized the price tag was just as heavy as my ass…. NO THANKS! Who the eff can afford more than $200 on a pair of leggings?? Not me!

So the search began again, for leggings that are both comfortable, functional, squat-proof, and affordable. Does such a unicorn exist?

Then the skies opened up, and down flew a unicorn. Babes- Pop Fit Clothing sprang into my life like fire. They offered to send me some leggings and no-show thongs to try out and see how I liked them.

Let’s be clear- I love all pairs of leggings, so I fully expected to recieve them and like them, and I expected I would right a review that was positive after my generally positive experience. I did NOT expect however, to fall completely in LOVE with these leggings.

I can’t even tell you how great they are. They are super tight and form fitting so they suck me in and smooth me out in all the right places, but they don’t FEEL tight. They feel like you’re wearing water, they just move so fluidly with your body! They’re not restrictive and they are incredibly solid material- so no undies and peaches are showing through the back when you’re bending over and moving around!

Don’t even get me started on the pockets. That’s right.. I said POCKETS.

I know, other pairs of leggings claim to have “pockets” and I always wonder what they’re talking about because all I seem to fit into traditional leggings “pockets” (after I’ve squeezed myself into those things) is a fingernail clipping and a paperclip. Not these ones babes… My POP Fit leggings have REAL pockets. Down the side, they’re easily accessible, large enough to fit a full size phone (you know how big those smart phones are!), and tight enough to keep things in place while you’re bouncing around in a work out.


The two pair I chose are the Quinn with pockets, and the Ava with pockets. Of course, I just went with standard black on both pair because I use mine as a fashion staple, and black goes with e’rything. They have tons of colors and different styles. I love all the options for cutouts and mesh sections because it’s so trendy right now!

I’m really excited to be collaborating with Pop Fit Clothing because they are going to send any of my readers that use my code a free pair of leggings to try! They are certain you’ll buy more, which is why the first pair is free! All you pay is shipping. You get your choice of leggings and I’m 1000% certain you’re going to be obsessed. They are the curvy girl’s best friend. Even at normal price, they are so pocket-friendly and WAY more affordable than the $200+ ones I previously was looking at.

Really, you can’t afford NOT to get them. Invest in yourself. Try the free pair first and then go from there!

Here is the link you need to choose a pair for free!

Now, the highlight of this article is obviously the new leggings that you need to get yourself, but I need to take a minute to mention the underwear they sent me to try as well, because I really liked it. I am super picky with the fabric of my underwear because I tend to be extra sensitive in that area (everyone is to some extent, right?) so having fabric that feels breathable and light is a must for me. The stretch also needs to be really good, because I hate when anyy elastic or seam is even the tiniest bit tight around my legs or waist! These have the perfect amount of stretch and are no-show, which means they are seamless. SCORE.

By the way, I’m NOT being paid by Pop Fit Clothing to say any of this. They did send me free product to try and these are my honest opinions. I only promote brands I truly love and believe in, and I’m obsessed with the message Pop Fit promotes. All bodies are beautiful, and they celebrate all women’s bodies. What an amazing brand to work with!

Now go, get those leggings, you curvy goddess!