Pinterest marketing is a gold mine of value, just waiting to explode your business success! And the best part? It’s totally free to use! Leveraging Pinterest as a part of your marketing strategy is key to getting more traffic to your site, and improving your income. 

But it can also be overwhelming, and you’re a busy woman with a lot to do! If you don’t have a ton of time to deep dive into researching your Pinterest marketing strategy, then these tips are perfect for you! They’re quick, easy to implement, and will help you totally transform your Pinterest account so you can keep hustling on the important stuff!

Here are 9 quick, easy tips you can implement easily right now into your Pinterest marketing strategy that will make a big difference! 

1- Use full sentences in your pin descriptions.

Don’t just use a bunch of keywords separated by commas because pinterest is smart, and it gives priority to pins that are authentic and more likely to appeal to real viewers, which means pins with full sentences perform better.

2- Use that bio for more than telling your story!

Strategically place some keywords throughout so that you’ll pop up in more search results and help people find you.

3- Use keywords everywhere.

Not just in the pin description but also in your name, bio, board descriptions and basically anywhere else you can put text. Take your searchability from 0 to a million in nothing flat. 

4- Tailwind is where it is AT.

Girl,  take all the time consuming crap out of pinning manually, schedule all of your pins and thave tailwind post on optimal times with a schedule custom to your profile, I can do ten hours worth of work under 60 minutes using tailwind and girl time is money!

5- Stop focusing on your follower number!

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, but on Pinterest the follower number isn’t as important as it is on other platforms, so don’t put your energy and time into growing followers.

Instead, put your time and energy into creating great pins with strong SEO so that your pins get seen. The more viewers and interactions you get, the more your content is exposed! 

6- Vertical pins are the reigning QUEEN.

The majority of Pinterest users are using their mobile device to scroll through Pinterest, which means vertical pins look and perform better. Create vertical images for your pins! 

Here’s a little insider tip- right now a 2:3 ratio vertically performs the best! I recommend using 1000×1500 pixels for your dimensions.

7- Pin your content multiple times.

There is a common misconception that you should only pin an article one time and hope it takes off. I’m here to tell you to pin it AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!

You can (AND SHOULD!) create multiple pins for the same piece, so you have different pins all exposing the same article or product! It’s a great way to help your content spread or go viral.

8- Create a board specifically for your brand and your content.

Whether you are a small business owner, a blogger, or something else, create a board specifically for the pins that lead to your own content. This makes it really easy for someone who sees your profile to find out more about you and your business! Make it as easy as possible for them to access by having everything all in one board. 

9- Use real photos of you using your pins!

Use real photos of you using your favorite products to promote your affiliate links on your pins. When I started doing this instead of pinning product images my affiliate income from Pinterest grew more than 10 times in two months.

For example, if you have an affiliate link for some really amazing jewelry, don’t just post the photos from the product listing or snap a photo of the jewelry, PUT IT ON AND SHOWCASE IT ON YOU!

If you found this helpful and want to learn more about Pinterest, be sure to go check out my Pinterest ecourse which is now open for enrollment!

XXOO Sunny

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