Because girl, you deserve to treat yo’self! 

It’s no secret that I abhor valentines day. I know, I know, I love pink, hearts, all things lovey dovey and sparkly, and yet I HATE this holiday. I can’t explain it haha. BUT… for the last few years in a row I’ve made a kind of tradition out of the holiday of love. While everyone focuses on sharing love for others, I think it’s important to also celebrate love for yourself, and in honor of self love treat yourself to a little gift!

Since then, I’ve created a gift guide every year for gift ideas to get for yourself for Valentine’s day, and I’m excited to share some of my favorite ideas I’ve found for this year! 

Girl, you share so much love for everyone else, you deserve to share that same amount of love for yourself! And you deserve to treat yourself too! Here are some great ideas!

New hair products from Dae Hair

This is Amber Fillerup’s new line, and it’s so good. I got myself the deep conditioner treatment and it smells like a desert vacation. Yummmmmm. 

New makeup brushes

When was the last time you bought new makeup brushes? There’s nothing more luxurious feeling than a brand new makeup brush!

Mini getaway

Head to the spa for a day or even take a weekend trip for some alone time to work on a passion project, meditate, or just relax!

Mammogram and Papsmear

Ok I know this isn’t a glamorous option, but I don’t know a single woman that doesn’t put this off. Girls, your health matters. Protect yourself and get it scheduled.

A new pair of unique Minnie ears! 

So this is probably just for those of you that are fellow Disney lovers like me… but there’s never a bad time to buy yourself some cute ears! I even have a whole blog post about small businesses I’ve discovered that sell some of the most creative ears you’ll ever see, find it here

Bloomsy Box Subscription

I actually included this in my christmas gift guide last year but it’s too good not to share again! Bloomsy box has unique, beautiful flower arrangements that you can have dlelivered to you on a subscription basis (you choose how frequent) and there’s nothing that brightens the day quitge like fresh blooms!

Boudoir photoshoot 

Whether you have a partner or not, you deserve to feel sexy and beautiful! Hit up a local photographer, or even set up your own tripod and get creating! 

New lashes from Glam by Sara B.

Hands down, the best strip lashes I’ve ever owned. I wear them over and over and over. They’re fantastic. Splurge for them, they’re worth it. Find them here and use code GLAM10 for a discount!

Stance socks

Stance has taken the world by storm, and with good reason. Their socks are amazing! I have a few pair now and I feel like I’m living the luxury life every time they’re on my feet. I normally just get the cheap socks at Costco, so it’s nice to once in a while get a really awesome pair that I obsess over!

Classes for something you want to try

Pottery? Belly dancing? Skiing? Painting? Horseback riding? Ballet? Scuba diving? What’s something you’ve always wanted to try?! Get yourself a couple of classes or lessons and go enjoy yourself while you learn something new!

I hope this list helps spur some ideas to treat yourself this Valentine’s day! If you want to see more ideas, check out this gift guide of gifts to boost your confidence, this gift guide for gifts to buy yourself, or this valentine’s day gift guide!

XXOO Sunny

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