I absolutely love trying new, exciting things with my hair but let’s get real here, being busy and lazy sometimes (ahem, a LOT of the time) take over and I just don’t want to take the time to spend more than 2 minutes TOPS on my hair. Enter, the braid. #heavenbless Braids are seriously like my lifeline. They keep my hair out of my face but it still feels somewhat styled, and they work great with any kind of hair whether it’s curly, straight, clean or dirty. But sometimes a braid can start to look a feel a little boring and you want to glam it up a bit, though you still only have 2 minutes TOPS! Here are some fun, easy tricks I have found for glamming up a boring braid that are simple, fast, and look so cute!

1- Add a twist!

Let’s talk about how much class is added to the style of a braid when you add a couple of twists! I love to pull half of it back and then do a “topsy tail” (flip it under through the elastic), or I’ll take one section from each side of my hair and twist it back, securing it with an elastic. Then you just do a simple braid using all of your hair. Pull it apart or keep it tight, either way adding some twists is a super quick trick to turn your braid into something glamorous.

2- Use Accessories!

Until very recently I haven’t ever been a hair accessory person because they seemed like effort but ah, I’ve seen the light! They are the EASIEST way to give your look a complete overhaul, without doing anything! I think a delicate headband is really pretty and dressy for when you need to be dressed up, but my favorite look is to tie a scarf or scrunchy around the end of the braid for a flirty, casual look. It just adds that extra POP! Hats are also super cute with braids.

3- Add a few Bubbles

This is my go-to for glamming up a braid because it is so easy and fast to do, but it looks like I put a lot of time and effort into my hair! What a great illusion, it makes me feel magical! Start with using an elastic at the top of the braid, then braid down a couple of inches and put in another elastic, braid down a few more inches and elastic again. Continue until you’re braid is the length that you want it, then take each braided section out and pull it apart to form a BUBBLE look. I love this look with fishtail braids especially!

XXOO Sunny