Maternity photos

Meet Kristina. She is one of my sweetest friends, and over the summer she had a beautiful baby girl. I feel lucky enough just to be friends with this girl, but to get to help her document her 2nd pregnancy through maternity photos just made me feel giddy and excited because I’m so lucky! Seriously, this girl is a rockstar. She works, she takes care of her children flawlessly, she always manages to look gorgeous and put together, and she is an incredible friend and devoted to her loved ones- so basically she’s my idol and supermom 😉 Not to mention that we were pregnant together with our first babies (born less than two weeks apart!) and she might be the only thing that got me through that pregnancy, so obviously I will be forever indebted and so I was stoked to get to do her photos this time. Sometimes I feel kind of funny about maternity photos, I think growing a baby is beautiful, I think pregnancy is amazing, and I love pregnant bellies…but sometimes maternity photos are just so…cheesy? So when taking her photos I really was just hoping I could show her beautiful personality in a way that was classy and sweet, so here are a few of my favorites from the day. And yes, I secretly hate her for how gorgeous she is. 😉 XO