That’s right, I’m pregnant with baby number 2! Some of you may or may not have noticed my lack of activity both on the blog and on social media in recent weeks…..and this is why! I found out I was pregnant a little over a month ago and have been so sick that I’ve barely been able to move off the couch for weeks now. Seriously guys, morning sickness is a thing… but it’s more like all day sickness. And all night sickness. And it never goes away.

Pregnancy Test - Second Pregnancy, onyx and blush
Ignore my chipped nail polish… #reallife

I’m almost 11 weeks so hopefully this sickness goes away soon! We’re really excited to be welcoing a new little one to our family in the late spring next year, and I’m really excited to get to document my pregnancy this time around with my blog! With my first pregnancy I did not want to take pictures, I didn’t write anything down, and I didn’t have this blog either so literally the only proof that I have of ever being pregnant the first time around is the little almost 4 year old running around my house and the stretch marks on my belly (because every mama has to earn her stripes!) At the time I didn’t want any proof or documentation, but looking back that is something I really wish I had done.

First Ultrasound, 9 weeks. Second Pregnancy, onyx and blush co

I’ll do another post soon on some of my earlier pregnancy symptoms and how my first trimester has gone, and I’m excited to start doing little bump-dates! Thanks to all of you that follow along and for all of your support! This is already a very exciting time of year with all of the holidays and I’m grateful that I have a little extra something to be excited about this year!

-XOXO Sunny