Happy Thanksgiving week, babes! Today I just wanted to show off this fu pull through braid I did the other day. I have only done a pull through braid a few times before because I feel like they take SO long to do, but this time I just seemed to be in a groove and banged the whole thing out in UNDER TEN MINUTES! Yes, really! Even with my long hair! I absolutely love braids as it is, but I really think pull through braids are just stunning. They are a STATEMENT braid, if that makes sense! And I love them because you can make them as clean or messy as you want and they look really pretty! Of course, you kind of need to do it clean enough so that your hair doesn’t get ripped out in the process, but throughout the process you can kind of just pull apart pieces and make it look a little sloppier and I just love that look! I have been thinking about maybe doing a tutorial even on this one because I got so many comments and messages about it on instagram 🙂 If you’d like that, just let me know!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and eat a TON of turkey! XOXOXO